Friday, May 24, 2013


This is it!  My last day as a non-missionary for the next 18 months!  My parents will keep this blog updated with my weekly emails so stay tuned for some (hopefully) awesome stories.  For the next 2 weeks (ish...until June 11th), I will be in the MTC for some training and you can write me at this address:

Sister Sarah Rae
Jun11 NV-RNO
2011 N 900 E Unit 290
Provo UT 84602

After that, you can send letters to the mission home in Nevada at this address:

Nevada Reno Mission
Sister Sarah Rae
1146 Prater Way
Sparks, Nevada 89431

until I know where my first area will be!
I would love to hear from you, so write me! ;)  So that's that and I'll see ya on the flip side!