Sunday, August 31, 2014

They Sang As They Walked and Walked and Walked aaaaaaaaaaand Walked

This was a great week like always.  Lots of fun stuff going on.  People progressing and wanting to talk with us which is always a good thing!  So remember the Asian lady I was telling you about last week?  Well we went and met with her again this week and it was so cool!  She is stellar.  And they are sooo cute!!  They took our bags as we came in and filled up glasses with water and just made sure we were comfortable.  Then as we were talking, every single time we took a drink of water they would jump up and fill the glass so it never even touched half empty.  I felt pampered ha-ha so we are teaching the aunt of the couple who own the house and are members.  The couple who are members just came from Thailand 3 months ago so speak little to no English.  So there are a lot of smiles and bowing and nodding.  It's so cute!!  But even though they don't understand what is going on they sit in the lessons with us.  It was funny, we wanted to have them testify to Jintana about the Book of Mormon but we couldn't ask them, so we asked our investigator to ask our member to testify.  Kind of backward. Then we didn't understand a single word they said....the Spirit was strong though ;)  We're excited to see where it goes because we really like all of them.  Such a sweet family.
So this Saturday we didn't have a single set lessons, so we decided to walk!  All. Day.  It was actually really fun; we had a contest to see which of us could start the conversation with the most people with the random people on the street.  And who could come up with the most creative conversation starters. It was pretty epic.  We met a lot of cool people and some that were actually interested (or at least willing) to meet with us again.  Also, this one lady gave us the biggest Otter Pops I have ever seen in my life.  It was probably the best thing I have ever eaten as well after being on my feet in the heat (ha, that rhymed!) all day.  And the best part was that she talked to us the whole time we were eating them and agreed to let us come back!  Maybe we'll get another Otter Pop.....;)  We talked to this really funny lady too.  She did NOT like us.  You could tell she was trying to get rid of us just by being curt and non-responsive (if you want to get rid of missionaries, just send them to your neighbor, otherwise, we'll keep talkin'.  What can I say, just trying to be friendly!? After trying to comment on her pretty yard and cute dog, we ask her name and she says "ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies" and then just stares at us.  I was taken aback and almost started laughing, just how she said it and then just creepily stares at us.  And we ask about if she knew anyone and she just stares at us some more and then waves her arms all around at her house and tells us no one there would ever be interested but she doesn't know her neighbors and then tells us to get lost, slams her car door, and basically runs inside.  So not very nice but just how it went down was super funny!  I guess you had to be there.  Some peoples kids.  Good thing most people are nice and take pity on us outside in the hotness, even if they don't want to hear what we have to say.    Oh!  Also, I almost died.  We always joke about giving Eternal Salvation away when people reject us or whatever but have never actually told anyone that to their faces.  Well this week, Sis Sweany did!  It was awesome.  Some lady asked us what we were selling and she just retorts, 'we aren't selling anything, we are GIVING AWAY Eternal Salvation.  Would you like some?'  She didn't.  But it made her pause long enough to talk to us a little bit and she ended up sending us to her neighbor who has potential to be interested.  
Hmmm....I can't think of anything else that happened.  Sorry, this is super random little things that happened this week....but that's what makes life great.  The church is true!  

Sis Rae

Monday, August 18, 2014

Can We Say Miracles?!

Howdy everyone!!
So this week has been a pretty good week.  Lots of business.  Everyday, all day!!  And lots of miracles.  So we have been teaching a lot of recent converts lately but don't really have 'solid' investigators right now.  So we have been praying and fasting our little hearts out that we can find those that are prepared, even with all the craziness we have going on. 
Well on Wednesday we have an hour to walk around and so decide to walk down this cute little neighborhood that several former investigators live.  We walk past a house and the sister I was with (we were on exchanges) stops and was just like, that's a cute little house, lets go talk with them.  So we did!  Turns out, the husband has a buddy at work that was supposed to bring him a Book of Mormon to read the day before but forgot it.  What a coinkidink.  So we gave him the Book of Mormon and ask if we can come back and talk to his family and he says, you'll have to ask the wife.  Not really ever a good sign.  Always get shot down by the spouse.  She wasn't home from work yet so we went back later that afternoon.  Turns out, she is super sweet, knows quite about our religion already and wants to meet with us again!  Miracles.  And they have 3 cute little girls that are all baptism age as well, families make missionaries so happy!  So we'll keep praying and see what happens there.
Next miracle.  Our Relief Society President got together a list of members that she didn't know and asked us to help visit them.  We stop by the first person on our list and she wasn't home but her daughter was.  Missionaries had been there before apparently but they had always been super busy (you know how life gets).  And the daughter told us that she wants to learn.  Her mom had never pushed Mormonism on them but had encouraged them to find the truth themselves.  Her comment was, well how am I supposed to know what's true if I don't know anything about it!  So she is interested in learning along with her brother, another miracle!
And lastly, Sunday morning, we get a call from our Ward Mission Leader saying that he has someone that he was going to bring to church that wanted to be baptized.  WHAT????  We had just talked with him the night before and he had been telling us that we needed to focus on finding more and that he was sorry he hadn't been able to be more of a help to us in that area.  Turns out, she had been going to a different ward in a different building and someone just found out that she wasn't actually a member and lived in our area.  They moved here about 3 months ago from Thai and are really cool.  But again, it was such a miracle, and we had a lesson with her last night that just went amazing.  The Lord provides!  He is so good to us. :)
Who knows how these will turn out but it has been a huge blessing and an answer to our prayer.  The Lord really does listen to us and wants to help us, especially when we are engaged in His work.  Such a testimony builder to me!  I am so grateful for this gospel and the love our Heavenly Father has for us.  He does hear us and He does answer us!  Every. Single. Time.  Such a wonderful knowledge and the comfort that comes with that is such a blessing.
I hope you all have a great week!!
Sis Rae

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows

It rained this week.  Every day.  All day.  Which is really weird for Nevada, this is the most rain they have gotten for years.  But I'm not complaining!  It keeps things cool, gets rid of the fires that are going on, and who doesn't love dancin in the rain?  Not that we have time for that but still.  And it means that we get to see rainbows almost every day.  Nothing beats coming out of an amazing lesson with a rainbow peeking through the clouds and mist.  
Anywho.  What happened this week.... it was a crazy week.  We went to transfers (even though both of us were staying) and had to house missionaries that were leaving to go out East or had a new companion coming on the bus the next day from out East.  So we had 3 missionaries staying with us for 24 hours....that was a party.  Perks of living right across from the mission office!  You get roped into everything ;)  It was fun though.  I don't think we overwhelmed too many people with the army of missionaries coming over for a lesson; hopefully ha-ha  
Sis Sweany and I were asked to provide the music for the funeral for the lady that passed away last week so we had to go to that.  Fun times.  Actually it was really awkward because we only knew her, we didn't know anyone that came to her funeral so I kind of felt like I was intruding.  But it was nice to be able to go and hear the stories about her and everything so I'm glad they asked us to participate.  
Ok, done with the dreary stuff.  Awesome something that happened this week!  Our investigator, Zack got baptized this weekend!  His dad was baptized a couple weeks ago but he wasn't quite ready yet so we waited a couple weeks, taught him some more and he made the leap this weekend.  Well, since his dad now has the Priesthood, he was able to baptize Zack!  Which was so awesome!  I can't even explain how amazing it is to see someone, who, a few months ago was kind of rough around the edges change to someone who is able to baptize his kids.  And I don't know if you remember the picture we took at Chuck’s baptism but the difference is so amazing to this picture.  He has changed in just the few short weeks since he has been baptized he actually looks different.  The gospel has so much power to change our lives and make us into better people, more like our Savior Jesus Christ.  It's such a blessing to me and I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to share what I care about so much with others and then see them change because of it.  And the best part of the baptism was that when we went in, it was stormy and rainy and nasty outside, and when we walked out, everything was calm and clear, and there was a huge double rainbow in the sky.  If that's not symbolic, then I don't know what is.  
It was a wonderful experience and can I just say again, the Church is true and I love being a missionary!  The rest of the week flew by and I don't remember most of it but it was good.  Like always :)
I hope everyone has a great week and enjoy the last bit of summer!
Sis Rae
Zack's Baptism

Monday, August 4, 2014


So.  Another transfer come and gone.  And guess what happened with this round???  I am again staying in Sparks 2nd ward with Sis Sweany.  Woo!  I am super excited because there are too many amazing things happening here with the both of us to leave.  But, since I am killing Sis Sweany this transfer (it's her last one) that means that I am probably going to end up dying in Sparks as well.  How cool would that be, end my mission in the ward that I started in?  Also, I now hold the record for the most transfers served in the Sparks stake.  Yes!!  I had a bet going with an elder that had been here for forever as well, and I won. 
The adversary has been working hard though!  I have never seen so many people end up in hospitals, get into car accidents, or have family members pass then I have here.  It's been rough.  And this week a less active we have been working with, who was finally progressing and wanting to change, unexpectedly passed away.  It killed me a little bit.  This is the second person that we have worked with that has passed away since I have been here with Sis Sweany.  It just makes me very, very grateful for the knowledge that we have about God's plan for all of us.  I don't know how people survive without it.  I'm kind of nervous about what is going to happen this next transfer....but super excited at the same time!  Miracles are going to continue happening. Glad I am on the winning team!
The best miracle this week was this girl, Christina, who we have been teaching for a couple weeks.  She has been through sooo much and has a very gruff, angry persona that she puts on.  Well this week we had a break through.  She has been just eating up everything that we have given her, reads a couple chapters that we give her from the Book of Mormon everyday and had a page full of questions for us like " how can I be an instrument in God's hands" or "how do I humble myself before God?"  Things like that.  It's so amazing!  But she has been praying about the date we committed her too (and decided to fast too!!).  So, we greeted her at the door for church and she tells us that she was praying and got her answer that the date in September was too soon for her and she needed a date later.  But then church started so we had to go sit down.  We had been fasting with her as well and said multiple prayers during church that she would get her answer.  After church, she comes up to us and her mother-in-law (who is a very active member) and tells us that she really got her answer during church and that she wanted nothing more than to be baptized in September.  It was probably the happiest moment ever!  She is changing so much and actually smiles now and laughs and doesn't cuss as much.  It's amazing what the gospel does for people!  It makes me really happy to see the changes in her life she is making.  The gospel is a total 180 change for her.  She is such an amazing person.
But yeah.  Life is awesome. You're awesome.  Missions are awesome.  Hope everyone has an awesome week! :)
Sis Rae

Friday, August 1, 2014

Kids Say the Darnest Things

Can I just say, I love being a missionary?  It's the best thing ever.  I couldn't be doing anything better with my life right now.  What makes it even better are some things that people say to you, like....

"Why don't you just go melt like a snail?!" --Gotta loves Psalms

"Sorry, I can't meet today, I have to go make my bed" --Well ok, you could have just told us you didn't want to see us....

"I bet dinosaurs even had dinosaur prophets" --Apparently prophets were a thing even before Adam

"I get so offended when people don't wave back" --Courteous Nevadans

"Where does Jesus go potty"  "What do you think rain is??"  --A four-year-old’s pressing question and her brother’s reply

"Dang, I am just so attractive" --Going over For Strength of Youth with a recent convert

"To get to know someone, you have to talk with them; you can't just stare at them!"  --Lesson on prayer 

You just had to be there.  Seriously though, people are the best.  So this week was pretty great.  We got to go to the temple with several of our recent converts to do baptisms for the dead.  It was wonderful.  I love going to the temple and wish we could do it more on our missions but missionary work is pretty awesome too.  Then we have been able to have just some good lessons.  People are keeping their commitments (yay!!  Best thing you can have as a missionary) and actually reading and praying about the stuff we talk about.  Because until they start doing that, there is no way that they are going to find out for themselves.  God can't answer an unasked question!  So that made us happy this week.

Oh!  Crazy story.  Apparently Sis Sweany and I are awful missionaries and should be ex-communicated.  So if I come home bad.  We have this guy that we have been teaching that got baptized a couple months ago.  His wife used to be a member and wanted to get back in the church so she actually requested us to come over.  Well, after the first couple lessons, she decided she didn't want to learn anymore but her husband continued and was baptized.  She is a little unstable mentally and it has just gotten worse because she won't go get help.  Usually we never see her because when we come for a lesson (with another member, don't worry) she hides in the back.  Well this week we stopped by and she is not happy.  She had just ripped up his patriarchal blessing (that he had just gotten) and thrown away his scriptures, wedding rings, and every picture of them in the house.  I'm not sure exactly what she was upset about but her mom is learning from missionaries in Reno and she called them and told them all this crazy stuff about us and how we were disgraceful missionaries and should be kicked out of the church.  She even told us she was going to write President!  It was kind of amusing because the things she was accusing us of were so absurd that no one would ever believe her.  Especially if you even kind of knew us.  That was last Tuesday and we are still alive so that's a relief  ;)  So that was our exciting adventure of this week.  Missions always keep you on your toes, that's for sure!

Hope you all have a lovely week and are staying out of trouble more than I am!
Sis Rae