Monday, August 18, 2014

Can We Say Miracles?!

Howdy everyone!!
So this week has been a pretty good week.  Lots of business.  Everyday, all day!!  And lots of miracles.  So we have been teaching a lot of recent converts lately but don't really have 'solid' investigators right now.  So we have been praying and fasting our little hearts out that we can find those that are prepared, even with all the craziness we have going on. 
Well on Wednesday we have an hour to walk around and so decide to walk down this cute little neighborhood that several former investigators live.  We walk past a house and the sister I was with (we were on exchanges) stops and was just like, that's a cute little house, lets go talk with them.  So we did!  Turns out, the husband has a buddy at work that was supposed to bring him a Book of Mormon to read the day before but forgot it.  What a coinkidink.  So we gave him the Book of Mormon and ask if we can come back and talk to his family and he says, you'll have to ask the wife.  Not really ever a good sign.  Always get shot down by the spouse.  She wasn't home from work yet so we went back later that afternoon.  Turns out, she is super sweet, knows quite about our religion already and wants to meet with us again!  Miracles.  And they have 3 cute little girls that are all baptism age as well, families make missionaries so happy!  So we'll keep praying and see what happens there.
Next miracle.  Our Relief Society President got together a list of members that she didn't know and asked us to help visit them.  We stop by the first person on our list and she wasn't home but her daughter was.  Missionaries had been there before apparently but they had always been super busy (you know how life gets).  And the daughter told us that she wants to learn.  Her mom had never pushed Mormonism on them but had encouraged them to find the truth themselves.  Her comment was, well how am I supposed to know what's true if I don't know anything about it!  So she is interested in learning along with her brother, another miracle!
And lastly, Sunday morning, we get a call from our Ward Mission Leader saying that he has someone that he was going to bring to church that wanted to be baptized.  WHAT????  We had just talked with him the night before and he had been telling us that we needed to focus on finding more and that he was sorry he hadn't been able to be more of a help to us in that area.  Turns out, she had been going to a different ward in a different building and someone just found out that she wasn't actually a member and lived in our area.  They moved here about 3 months ago from Thai and are really cool.  But again, it was such a miracle, and we had a lesson with her last night that just went amazing.  The Lord provides!  He is so good to us. :)
Who knows how these will turn out but it has been a huge blessing and an answer to our prayer.  The Lord really does listen to us and wants to help us, especially when we are engaged in His work.  Such a testimony builder to me!  I am so grateful for this gospel and the love our Heavenly Father has for us.  He does hear us and He does answer us!  Every. Single. Time.  Such a wonderful knowledge and the comfort that comes with that is such a blessing.
I hope you all have a great week!!
Sis Rae

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