Sunday, August 31, 2014

They Sang As They Walked and Walked and Walked aaaaaaaaaaand Walked

This was a great week like always.  Lots of fun stuff going on.  People progressing and wanting to talk with us which is always a good thing!  So remember the Asian lady I was telling you about last week?  Well we went and met with her again this week and it was so cool!  She is stellar.  And they are sooo cute!!  They took our bags as we came in and filled up glasses with water and just made sure we were comfortable.  Then as we were talking, every single time we took a drink of water they would jump up and fill the glass so it never even touched half empty.  I felt pampered ha-ha so we are teaching the aunt of the couple who own the house and are members.  The couple who are members just came from Thailand 3 months ago so speak little to no English.  So there are a lot of smiles and bowing and nodding.  It's so cute!!  But even though they don't understand what is going on they sit in the lessons with us.  It was funny, we wanted to have them testify to Jintana about the Book of Mormon but we couldn't ask them, so we asked our investigator to ask our member to testify.  Kind of backward. Then we didn't understand a single word they said....the Spirit was strong though ;)  We're excited to see where it goes because we really like all of them.  Such a sweet family.
So this Saturday we didn't have a single set lessons, so we decided to walk!  All. Day.  It was actually really fun; we had a contest to see which of us could start the conversation with the most people with the random people on the street.  And who could come up with the most creative conversation starters. It was pretty epic.  We met a lot of cool people and some that were actually interested (or at least willing) to meet with us again.  Also, this one lady gave us the biggest Otter Pops I have ever seen in my life.  It was probably the best thing I have ever eaten as well after being on my feet in the heat (ha, that rhymed!) all day.  And the best part was that she talked to us the whole time we were eating them and agreed to let us come back!  Maybe we'll get another Otter Pop.....;)  We talked to this really funny lady too.  She did NOT like us.  You could tell she was trying to get rid of us just by being curt and non-responsive (if you want to get rid of missionaries, just send them to your neighbor, otherwise, we'll keep talkin'.  What can I say, just trying to be friendly!? After trying to comment on her pretty yard and cute dog, we ask her name and she says "ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies" and then just stares at us.  I was taken aback and almost started laughing, just how she said it and then just creepily stares at us.  And we ask about if she knew anyone and she just stares at us some more and then waves her arms all around at her house and tells us no one there would ever be interested but she doesn't know her neighbors and then tells us to get lost, slams her car door, and basically runs inside.  So not very nice but just how it went down was super funny!  I guess you had to be there.  Some peoples kids.  Good thing most people are nice and take pity on us outside in the hotness, even if they don't want to hear what we have to say.    Oh!  Also, I almost died.  We always joke about giving Eternal Salvation away when people reject us or whatever but have never actually told anyone that to their faces.  Well this week, Sis Sweany did!  It was awesome.  Some lady asked us what we were selling and she just retorts, 'we aren't selling anything, we are GIVING AWAY Eternal Salvation.  Would you like some?'  She didn't.  But it made her pause long enough to talk to us a little bit and she ended up sending us to her neighbor who has potential to be interested.  
Hmmm....I can't think of anything else that happened.  Sorry, this is super random little things that happened this week....but that's what makes life great.  The church is true!  

Sis Rae

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