Monday, August 4, 2014


So.  Another transfer come and gone.  And guess what happened with this round???  I am again staying in Sparks 2nd ward with Sis Sweany.  Woo!  I am super excited because there are too many amazing things happening here with the both of us to leave.  But, since I am killing Sis Sweany this transfer (it's her last one) that means that I am probably going to end up dying in Sparks as well.  How cool would that be, end my mission in the ward that I started in?  Also, I now hold the record for the most transfers served in the Sparks stake.  Yes!!  I had a bet going with an elder that had been here for forever as well, and I won. 
The adversary has been working hard though!  I have never seen so many people end up in hospitals, get into car accidents, or have family members pass then I have here.  It's been rough.  And this week a less active we have been working with, who was finally progressing and wanting to change, unexpectedly passed away.  It killed me a little bit.  This is the second person that we have worked with that has passed away since I have been here with Sis Sweany.  It just makes me very, very grateful for the knowledge that we have about God's plan for all of us.  I don't know how people survive without it.  I'm kind of nervous about what is going to happen this next transfer....but super excited at the same time!  Miracles are going to continue happening. Glad I am on the winning team!
The best miracle this week was this girl, Christina, who we have been teaching for a couple weeks.  She has been through sooo much and has a very gruff, angry persona that she puts on.  Well this week we had a break through.  She has been just eating up everything that we have given her, reads a couple chapters that we give her from the Book of Mormon everyday and had a page full of questions for us like " how can I be an instrument in God's hands" or "how do I humble myself before God?"  Things like that.  It's so amazing!  But she has been praying about the date we committed her too (and decided to fast too!!).  So, we greeted her at the door for church and she tells us that she was praying and got her answer that the date in September was too soon for her and she needed a date later.  But then church started so we had to go sit down.  We had been fasting with her as well and said multiple prayers during church that she would get her answer.  After church, she comes up to us and her mother-in-law (who is a very active member) and tells us that she really got her answer during church and that she wanted nothing more than to be baptized in September.  It was probably the happiest moment ever!  She is changing so much and actually smiles now and laughs and doesn't cuss as much.  It's amazing what the gospel does for people!  It makes me really happy to see the changes in her life she is making.  The gospel is a total 180 change for her.  She is such an amazing person.
But yeah.  Life is awesome. You're awesome.  Missions are awesome.  Hope everyone has an awesome week! :)
Sis Rae

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