Friday, August 1, 2014

Kids Say the Darnest Things

Can I just say, I love being a missionary?  It's the best thing ever.  I couldn't be doing anything better with my life right now.  What makes it even better are some things that people say to you, like....

"Why don't you just go melt like a snail?!" --Gotta loves Psalms

"Sorry, I can't meet today, I have to go make my bed" --Well ok, you could have just told us you didn't want to see us....

"I bet dinosaurs even had dinosaur prophets" --Apparently prophets were a thing even before Adam

"I get so offended when people don't wave back" --Courteous Nevadans

"Where does Jesus go potty"  "What do you think rain is??"  --A four-year-old’s pressing question and her brother’s reply

"Dang, I am just so attractive" --Going over For Strength of Youth with a recent convert

"To get to know someone, you have to talk with them; you can't just stare at them!"  --Lesson on prayer 

You just had to be there.  Seriously though, people are the best.  So this week was pretty great.  We got to go to the temple with several of our recent converts to do baptisms for the dead.  It was wonderful.  I love going to the temple and wish we could do it more on our missions but missionary work is pretty awesome too.  Then we have been able to have just some good lessons.  People are keeping their commitments (yay!!  Best thing you can have as a missionary) and actually reading and praying about the stuff we talk about.  Because until they start doing that, there is no way that they are going to find out for themselves.  God can't answer an unasked question!  So that made us happy this week.

Oh!  Crazy story.  Apparently Sis Sweany and I are awful missionaries and should be ex-communicated.  So if I come home bad.  We have this guy that we have been teaching that got baptized a couple months ago.  His wife used to be a member and wanted to get back in the church so she actually requested us to come over.  Well, after the first couple lessons, she decided she didn't want to learn anymore but her husband continued and was baptized.  She is a little unstable mentally and it has just gotten worse because she won't go get help.  Usually we never see her because when we come for a lesson (with another member, don't worry) she hides in the back.  Well this week we stopped by and she is not happy.  She had just ripped up his patriarchal blessing (that he had just gotten) and thrown away his scriptures, wedding rings, and every picture of them in the house.  I'm not sure exactly what she was upset about but her mom is learning from missionaries in Reno and she called them and told them all this crazy stuff about us and how we were disgraceful missionaries and should be kicked out of the church.  She even told us she was going to write President!  It was kind of amusing because the things she was accusing us of were so absurd that no one would ever believe her.  Especially if you even kind of knew us.  That was last Tuesday and we are still alive so that's a relief  ;)  So that was our exciting adventure of this week.  Missions always keep you on your toes, that's for sure!

Hope you all have a lovely week and are staying out of trouble more than I am!
Sis Rae

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