Saturday, June 8, 2013

Second and Last Week in MTC

First off, thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and packages!  It was a pretty fantastic day :)  The Elders in our district would let everyone know it was my birthday when we walked from place to place so I got lots of songs and happy birthday wishes in many different languages.  It was pretty cool!
This week has all just blurred together and I have come to accept the fact that I am just going to be tired for the next 18 months of my life.  But it's a good tired!  Means I am actually doing something productive with my life once in a while.  So this week, lots of people left on Tuesday so the place was super empty Tuesday until Wednesday night and then it got even more crazy!  There were over 900 missionaries that entered the MTC this Wednesday!  I heard it got close to 1,000 and they are expecting even more next week.  How crazy is that?!  It's so fantastic.  Last week, I forgot to mention that Sis. Hartzfeld and I were assigned as Sister Training Leaders last Thursday and we are like Zone leaders except over the sisters in our branch.  So on Tuesday, we were asked to meet a sister that was coming into the zone from Australia and she was our third companion all Tuesday until the rest of her district arrived on Wednesday.  It was fun to introduce someone to the MTC and show them around and stuff.  Weird to think that that was us last week!  Then on Wednesday we went in during their ward meeting with the zone leaders and gave some rules and tips and then gave them a tour of the campus.  Even though we are only a week older, it was fun to take care of the 'new kids' and still to see them around the residence hall and stuff.  
So this week has been a week of teaching, and learning, and having fun!  We had 4 investigators that we have been teaching all this week.  They are people that are either converts that are acting out their own back stories, in active members, or people that are really investigating the church.  Talk about pressure!  It has made me realize how much I love the gospel.  I just want everyone to take it!  This will make you happy, just listen to what I have to say!!  It takes a lot of patience to have to slow down and actually listen and help people work through their concerns.  We also teach our teachers that role play investigators.  The teacher we have been teaching got sick though so we have been through 3 different people whereas everyone else just gets to teach the same person.  It is hard to have to adjust plans and start over every time and not get very far with one person!  It's been fun though and a good experience since that is what it is going to be like in the field!  
I love my district they are fantastic people and super fun to hang out with!  We have gym time every day and we go out to the outside (WOO!) field and play sand volleyball.  The other day we walk over there and the workers were sitting there and Sis. Renaurd goes up and asks "Could we maybe, please, get a volleyball?"  they kind of laugh and give her a hard time about how she asked so timidly.  She laughs too and then turns to them and says "I invite you to bring me a volleyball.  I know that if you do this, it will bring you happiness from serving us and allowing us the chance to play."  Can you guess what we were talking about in class right before? ;)  Also, Sis. Knight got a box of doughnuts from her family and she brought them outside on one of our breaks so we could eat them.  She started talking about how these doughnuts gave her such joy and that that if you partook of them, then they would bring you happiness and would infinitely bless your life.  She continued like that for a while...this missionary stuff is really taking over our lives! :)  Along with that, I tried one of the most interesting things in my life.  A maple, bacon, doughnut .  If you have not had one, stop reading this email right now, go buy one, and eat the most delicious thing of your life.  Not kidding.  Well, I have to let other people use this computer but the next email will be from Nevada, woo!!
Love you all!  Thanks for the letters and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
Sis. Rae

I just had to get a picture like Curtis's!

Top row; Elders Stevens, Reynolds, Price, and Blanch.  Front row; Sisters Ison, Webb, Catlett, Knight, Hartzfeld, Rae, Renouard, and Christianson.  

The sisters going to Reno:  Sis. Catlett, Rae, Hartzfeld, and Knight.

My district. :)

This is us sniffing the cream soda tree.

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