Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving in Sparks

To begin with, I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving!  It was a wonderful one here.  We got together with all the missionaries in Sparks in the morning and played board games and volleyball and basketball and card games.  I dominated in Gestures.  The whole morning was spent in games and snacks and then we went to a members house for turkey dinner.  Then to another members home for more food.  I was so full, I was about to die.  Everyone invited us over to their houses and we were only allowed to go to 2 places for dinner so many people just gave us a dinner to go!  One plus to serving in the states ;)  It was a good day, nice to get a little break from the hum drum of things.  
The next awesome thing that happened this week was the Inwood family got baptized!!  It was so fantastic to see John be able to baptize his family into the gospel.  There was not a dry eye in the room.  Plus!  Their family (who are all non-members or less active) came to the baptism and Heidi's parents came to the confirmation the next day and said they wanted to learn more!  Then John's parents, who haven't been to church in ages, told them that if they went through the temple, they would prepare to go with them so they can all be sealed at the same time.  How cool is that?!  Just from one person wanting to learn more, a whole family is affected.  Makes all the tough days as a missionary worth it to be part of that one moment.  
Is everyone ready for Christmas??  The lights have started going up along with all the blow-up figures in the yards and the carols are playing in everyone's homes.  It makes me really happy :)  I think people are a little more open to learning more about Christ this time of year as well.  It's just a great season all around and a good time to refocus on the real meaning behind Christmas to set our sights for the rest of the year.  Only 23 more days! :D
Have a great week everyone!
Sis. Rae
Sis. Catlett and Sis Arnold like giving Sis Ward hugs :)

Heidi, Carley, Chay and John at the baptism (and Sis Ward and I)

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