Sunday, June 22, 2014

This Girl Is On Fire!

What a week!  It's been a roller coaster ride.  So many good things and so many hard things.  So remember what I said last week about feeling like a bad luck?  Well, this week, almost everyone we teach has either been in the hospital themselves or had pets die or family get in serious accidents or lost their job.  It's been fun. BUT!  Besides that we have had some pretty amazing lessons and experiences.  I think when things get hard it allows us or reminds us to rely on the Lord that much more and because of that, we can have some pretty sweet experiences.  
We have had a couple lessons this week that the Spirit was so strong and that we were able to get to the heart of people's concerns and hopefully help them continue to build that relationship with their Savior.  So that has been really exciting and fulfilling.  Makes up for some of the craziness in other parts of the world ha-ha
We also met and have started teaching a Muslim this week.  He is super cool, from Egypt, and is super smart.  It's really fun to teach people with different backgrounds and find that common ground with them.  Also, it's interesting talking to someone who believes Jesus Christ is a prophet but not the Son of God.  It makes you think a little harder about how to approach them and you have to revamp your teaching a little bit.  Always an adventure!
Also, we had another baptism this week!  A father and his daughter.  They have been through 7 sets of missionaries and finally decided to take the leap!  It had been completely fantastic to see the transformation in their lives (they do not have it easy) and how they have changed their environment as they have learned about the gospel and the changes in themselves.  They are such a cute family and so on fire to learn and be a part of the gospel.  It’s interesting how certain things hit certain people.  His trigger was when he heard the phrase "come into the fold".  It really hit him and has encouraged him to make those changes and be baptized.  You can always pinpoint the time when the light flips on and it really becomes a part of the person.  Best feeling ever!
And I just realized that I forgot my camera so pictures will come next week! Well, I am running out of time so I will talk to you all next week!  Happy Father's day to all those out there!
Sis. Rae

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