Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy (late) Fourth!

This week was a pretty fantastic week!  The best part was...I finally can solve a rubix cube!  Now, we have races between the three of us to see who can solve it the fastest.  That just shows how nerdy (and awesome) we are. 
So I had a couple of adventures this week.  Both Sis. Nunn and Verkist are convinced that I am going to be training at the end of the next two weeks so they are making me do the Senior Companion duties.  Monday, we got into the car and Sis. Verkist handed me the map and said where are we going?  Lead us.  All I'll say about that is I am glad Sis. Nunn doesn't mind making lots of U-turns!  I have also had to lead all our planning sessions and decide what we are doing that day.  It's pretty fun!  I just hope (and pray) that I am not going to need these skills for at least another 6 weeks.  This week, we also went out tracting with a youth from the ward and they had me go with her while they went together so I could lead someone that had no idea what they were doing.  The blind leading the blind!  But from that, we got a couple people that said we could come back and talk with them more, so I guess I didn't fail entirely!  ;)  That day, I also became a true missionary.  One of the houses we went to had a fence around it and we didn't see the dog before we were already in the wasn't a very nice dog.  I wasn't aware that it was possible to jump a fence in a skirt, but I am here to tell you that miracles happen and you can clear a fence in a skirt.  Although I would not recomend it. 
Independence day!  So usually on holiday's we have to be in by 5 but this year, there was a rule change!  It would be a normal day and we could go to parties if we got a member ride and still were able to procelyte and didn't have to be home till after the firewords ended.  A cool change!  Thursday is our weekly planning day, a day where we look at all the people we are teaching and decided on what we are going to teach for the next week, so we decided that we would do that in the evening instead and stay home.  Sis Nunn cooked us an authentic southern dish and Sis Verkist and I made cookies and we planned and had our own little party!  Later that night, We have the perfect view of the downtown tower where they shoot of the fireworks, so we went outside and sat on a wall by our apartment and watched the fireworks.  Pretty good day if I do say so myself!
The highlight of this week, though, was two new investigators we have.  So the other week we met this lady tracting and came back and taught her a lesson.  Her husband was there but didn't join us.  This week we had another appointment set up with Terri and showed up to teach her.  So the first thing Terri says to us is 'Sorry girls, I didn't get very far in reading you're book'  and we're all like, that's ok, where did you read to, at least you read, kind of things.  Then she opens it up and says 'only to page 34'.  What?!  Noone ever reads that much.  I was thinking like the intro or maybe a couple verses in 1 Nephi.  So the lesson started on a really good note!  We had just barely started when John (her husband) pulls up a chair as well and listens in.  The lesson was on the Restoration and it was my turn to talk about the First Vision.  So I start talking about it and recited how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in his own words and you can feel the room just get super quiet.  When I finish, John sits back in his chair and just says "wow".  And it wasn't a 'you're all lunitics' wow, but an amazed wow.  It was so cool!  They are going to be out of town for the next three weeks but have agreed to read the Book of Mormon together.  They still have their hesitations, especially about organized religion, but are listening to us and reading!  And nothing is more powerful than the Book of Mormon so I have high hopes for them!  It makes me unbelieveablly happy when you see people take those steps to bring themselves closer to Christ which will provide them with more happiness in their life.  We also had a first lesson with a lady named Annie.  Her boss is a bishop of a different ward and has been talking with her about the church.  She is so golden.  She wants to learn more but said she wants nothing more than to be baptized.  I was blown away with some of the comments she made during the lesson and her prayer at the end.  It was basically like "Thank you God for leading me to this church and to know more about Thee."  Miracles really do happen everyday and it makes me more excited for the weeks to come!
In addition to trying to kill me by making me take the lead in everything, Sis. Verkist and Sis. Nunn cornered me the other day before bed with glasses full of water in each hand.  I was able to get some of the water on them but I looked like I had fallen into  the tub with all my clothes on when they were done and like we were trying to install a swimming pool in our kitchen.  Things just happen, ya know? 
Well that's about it for this week!  Hope ya'll had a fantastic week and will have a fantastic week!
Sis. Rae

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