Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 5

This week we had Zone Conference, my first one! We spent aaaaaaaall day in meetings; from 8am-5pm.  Good thing they were good meetings with lots of good stuff!  The day before, we were at a members house for dinner and there was a toy gun sitting on the counter.  Sis. Verkist told me that I should try it, that it was a laser.  So I did! was not only a laser but a shocking toy.  I jumped pretty bad and threw the gun almost across the room, it startled me so bad.  So we played with it all night and were enjoying it so much that the member let us borrow it!  She was dying laughing at us.  The next day being Zone conference, we couldn't pass up that opportunity!  So we took it around to different people and got them.  We got tons of good laughs from it; Sis. Nunn even got President with it!  That one was good though because he didn't flinch and said it was dead and Sis Nunn totally fell for it.  She got shocked.  It was great.  

This week was full of it's ups and downs.  To begin with, we have been trying to meet Ricky for several weeks and he keeps bailing on us but then saying we should come back at another time but then bailing again.  So we went over to see if we could find out what was up, some of his concerns etc.  Well we go over and Jeff (an occupant of the group home) was standing outside so while someone went to get Ricky, we talked with Jeff.  We found out that he raised Thor and taught him all he needed to know about using a hammer and that he is the American John the Baptist.  He'll baptize you any day you want, just fyi ;) And that I, apparently, look like some of his 'kin'.  Nunn and Verkist had a hayday with that one, let me tell you.  So Ricky comes out with this girl and since the door is open, we can hear what they are saying as they are coming out.  Ricky says something about us always coming back and the girl says that he should just call the cops on us and some other not nice things.  Well they come out, and it is the girl, not even Ricky!, that tells us basically that he isn't interested and then they walk off.  Well Jeff is standing there the whole time and he leans over to us and whispers, "I don't like that girl, she's mean.  I know Jesus said to love everyone but I can't just do it.  But you girls should still love everyone.  Because it's what Jesus said to do and you are Christian ladies."  He gave us a nice little pep talk and told us how great we were and had us on the floor laughing.  

The up, is that Helga had her baptismal interview and is definitely set for this Saturday!  I am so excited for her and you can see how happy she is.  Her faith never ceases to amaze me.  She had some pretty crazy things happen to her yesterday but she still showed up for church with all the kids.  It was only for the last hour but she was there because she knew how important it was for her and the kids.  I honestly don't know if I would have shown up if it was me in her situation.  I feel like a lot of the times that the people we are teaching are actually teaching me!  It is such a testimony builder.  I have been told that the week before a baptism is one of the hardest weeks ever because Satan goes into overtime and I can already see that happening!  But it is also one of the best weeks because when extra temptation comes, the Lord also sends extra strength.  So this week is going to be a great week and I am so excited!  This week is also transfers so I get to find out if I am staying here and possibly training adefjigreat week and your prayers are felt and are much appreciated!
Sis. Rae
Verkist really likes stuffed animals

My new best friend!  George.

 The duck really wanted to go for a swim
(she threw it at me soaking wet after she took it out)

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