Monday, April 14, 2014

A Busy Missionary Is a Happy Missionary

Is it really Monday again already?  The time is flying by faster and faster.  It's unreal!  It's because we are so busy all the time.  Love it though!!  So this week was my first exchange, where we switch companions with the sisters we are over and one of us takes one of them into our area and then the other goes with the other one of us back to their area.  We have 7 companionships we are over so we have to do one or two exchanges every week of the transfers to get them all in.  Makes for very busy weeks!  So much fun though.  This week I went back to my old apartment with the other sisters we lived with.  Talk about weird.  Fun though!  It's nice to be out of area because you don't really have to think.  You follow them around and just have to worry about teaching and not other the other crazy stuff that comes with being a missionary!  The one downside though is that you aren't seeing your people so it's catch-up next time they see you.  I haven't even met some of the people we teach because Sis. Whipple has seen them on exchanges.  Someday....
We met this really interesting guy this week!  He is from Compton California.  Yeah.  He was sittin on his front porch and looked like he was in a lot of pain, so we go up to him and ask if he needs anything.  Turns out, he just moved here because his house got shot at wherein his brother was killed and he was shot in the leg.  He showed us the wound too, it's pretty cool/disgusting, and apparently they had to put in some kind of prosthetic/metal bone into his leg because of the damage.  Anyway, we met him on Tuesday, had 3 lesson with us this week and wants to be baptized.  He kept talking about how amazing God was because just a couple months ago he wouldn't have given us the time of the day whereas now he is listening to and loving our message.  He is such a cool guy!  Plus he has a grill and dreads, so that makes it pretty awesome too.  I think as missionaries, in general, we see people different, are less judgmental.  Drug problem?  No worries, just something we need to work though; just got shot at?  Yeah, I'll come into your home and talk with you.  I think it's a gift that God just gives you when you are set apart.  It's fun!  Allows you to meet and talk with so many people and allow people that chance to change. 
Also, funny story.  I thought it was anyway.  So we have been trying to contact this lady who when we call her, is super nice and tell us to come over but is never there.  Well yesterday we went over and the door was open (everyone here opens their doors when it's nice out) and the T.V on, which means she is home!  We walk up to the door and through the screen you can see a mirror, and then knock. No answer.  Then I notice movement in the mirror.  The lady is standing in the corner, trying nervously to peak out the curtain like she is hiding from an axe murderer or something!  And we can see it all in the mirror!!  Then, just to be obnoxious I guess, we ring the doorbell.  She jumps and scuttles further back into the corner!  Of course we are going to go back ;)  It's so funny the extent people go to hid from us, I should start a book!  Unless told otherwise, we'll always come back!  We are annoyingly persistent.  Especially when we have nothing better to do.
Another week, another adventure.  The church is true and I hope you all have a great week!

Sis. Rae

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