Thursday, July 10, 2014

Miracles and Blessings

Happy 4th everyone!  Hope it was great.  We had a great show and were able to stay up and watch it.  A member always has a ton of missionaries over to watch them (she lives right by the casinos where they shoot it off) so it was a huge missionary party.  We got home super late though so it killed us the next day.  Used to be able to stay up till 12/1 every day and not have a problem but the mission wears ya out!  Too much to do not to get your sleep.  But it was worth it!  Good food, good company, and good fireworks.  One good thing about the casinos, they have good shows!
So this week I had the coolest experience of my life.  Well, let me start with another one first.  We have this investigator that loves what we are teaching him but has really been struggling to read the Book of Mormon.  Has trouble understanding it and staying focused.  Since the Book of Mormon is so key in gaining a testimony, we have really been talking to him about it but it didn't seem to go anywhere.  We'll we had a fast for a couple of our investigators and included him as well, that he would understand and want to read it.  Well!  He shows up on Sunday and tells us that he woke up that morning and just felt like reading it and got through TEN CHAPTERS!!!  It was so stinkin awesome.  When they catch the wave like that it just makes your life.  That what makes every single thing worth it!
Now to the coolest experience of my life.  So we have this investigator, Sandy, who is pretty much the most golden person I have ever met.  We only met her about 4 weeks ago and she is getting baptized on Saturday.  But Satan hates her.  She's had it rough.  But one of those things that happened was that she was in a pretty bad accident about two weeks ago.  We heard that she was in an accident and then weren't able to get in contact with her for a week (stress!!!) because her phone was off and she was always at the doctors.  Well we finally got into contact with her again this week.  Come to find out, the doctors had found a benign brain tumor when they were doing an MRI on her.  She had these horrible headaches and ringing in her ear that nothing was helping, even the pain pills the doctors had given her.  She was not in a good place when we saw her again.  So we offered a blessing and she almost starts crying she is so desperate for anything to help.  Well we couldn't get a hold of anyone from the ward so we call two elders that work in the area next to ours and they bike over.  So we explain the blessing and what they are going to do and then they start the blessing.  Coolest thing ever.  As soon as the blessing started the spirit just FILLED the room.  So much that it actually surprised me into opening my eyes and I had to look around to see if there was anyone else there.  No one was :)  But then I saw Sandy's face and the Elders faces.  They were completely changed.  Almost like all three of them were glowing.  And all the worry and stress from Sandy's face was completely gone.  You could definitional tell it was a blessing straight from God.  The blessing ended and we all just sat there.  Waiting for Sandy's reaction.  She was looking down at the floor and looks up and just says, "That’s scary".  I start getting nervous, what happened, I thought it was good!  Then she goes on to say that her headache and ringing are completely gone!!  It was incredible.  We started crying.  She has such incredible faith; it is such an example to me.  That was almost a week ago and she still talks about it all the time.  She even told her doctor about it when she went back in and EVERYTHING is completely fine now!!  The doctor was amazed and told her that it was a miracle from God.  Look at her being a missionary and she isn't even a member yet!  It just reaffirms to me how amazing the Priesthood is and how lucky we are to have it in our lives.  It is such a gift from God to have His power and authority on the earth once more. So that is my crazy life this week!  Oh, and I got a hug from a homeless man with no teeth and no shirt and a beer belly and was super drunk. It was great.  But I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather!
Sis. Rae

Sweany and I, you can't really tell but we have whipped cream all over our faces.  Surprise attack!

Fourth of July Party!!

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