Saturday, July 5, 2014


I have come to the conclusion this week that the law of physics applies to God's work as well.  For every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction.  The harder we are working and the more good that happens, the harder Satan is going to work on us and on the people we are seeing.  Good thing God is on our sides and He always wins!
So, best thing that happened this week was that one of my investigators, Elizabeth, from Eagle Canyon got baptized, and since I am never leaving Sparks, I got to go!  Her name is Elizabeth and she really is a miracle.  She met some Elders in Reno and talked with them a bit and showed some interest so they sent us over to see her.  Well she was dealing with some family and medical issues at the time so she was NEVER home.  We literally tried almost every day for a couple months to see her because her phone got disconnected so we couldn't reach her that way.  I don't know why we never gave up trying her house because we thought for sure she was avoiding us or something but for some reason we always felt like we should go back and try her house.  Something always took us down her street, until we had gotten that referral we rarely ever went down that way.  But we would knock every time we went by, might as well, right?  One day, she finally opened!  And this is like 4 months after we had gotten the original referral.  She was so open and wanted to learn so much.  She actually asked us if she could come to church and be baptized the very first time that we met with her!!  But she was still dealing with a lot of stuff and so we were only able to see her off and on for the next couple months because of circumstances, but she would always say, "don't give up on me, I'm a comin".  It was so stinkin cute.  It was actually the week that I left that things started calming down in her life and we met with her almost every day.  And now she is baptized!  It was so awesome, when I walked in to the church and she saw me, she yelled "baby girl!!" (she gives all of us missionaries nick-names) and ran and gave me the biggest hug I have ever had.  She's part-poly so she gives the best hugs :)  
The rest of the week has been pretty crazy like normal.  We had transfers and a sister that was going to the east side stayed with us for a day.  She was so much fun!  We are also getting used to the other side of the ward and are so stinkin busy!  There wasn't a whole lot going on over there but enough that it makes every day super super busy! That along with trying not to get lost in now unfamiliar streets.  I recognize some of them that we went to a lot but most of them are very new to both of us.  It brings back a lot of memories too because when I was here a year ago, we spent much more time over on this new side than we did on the other side that I got put into at first.  So it's a new adventure every day!  Also, we found this stuffed duck in the apartment (that was actually sis Verkist's from the first time I was here!) and now we hide him all the time in the most random spots trying to scare each other.  I got Sis Sweany good when I put him in the shower.  The littlest things entertain while out here on the mission.  Gotta make your own fun!
Love you all and have a fabulous 4th!
Sis. Rae
me, sis. Steavenson (going to Ely!) and Sis. Sweany

me and Elizabeth

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