Saturday, September 20, 2014

Alma 17:23 –Story of My Life

Me and Ammon are buds.  We have the same outlook on the place where we are sent to labor....perhaps until the day I die. 
So transfer calls have come and gone once again.  And I am (yet again) not coming and not going.  Not that I'm complaining!  Sparks is the best!  Actually I am super excited about this next transfer.  I am staying in Sparks 2nd ward and my new companion (since Sis Sweany is leaving me....) is Sis Catlett!!  I am stoked!!  We were in the MTC together, then roomed together for six months, and then have been STLs together and so have seen each other all the time at meetings.  She is one of my favorite people EVER so I am thrilled to death that we are going to be companions.  Even if only for a short time.  
I've been stressing about that call all week so I'm glad the week ended with a good note.  Actually this whole week was good.  We got to go to the temple twice!  Once with Annie, someone I taught when I was here the first time (actually the first person I ever committed to baptism) and hasn't been able to get to the temple yet but finally got to go!  And since I taught her before baptism, we got to go.  Oh yeah!  Then we went later on the weekend we went with Christina and Jesse, which was SO amazing.  She just started crying when she walked in the lobby and just started saying "I made it, I can't believe I made it'.  It was so sweet.  She has been working a long time to change her life around and she has done it!  The miracle of the gospel right there. 
Then on Sunday I got con-ed into singing in church.  I didn't die.  Sis Sweany played and I sang with a recently returned missionary in the ward.  The plus side of that was an excuse for everyone to come to church, and they did!  We had so many people come to church for the first time, it was the best.  Nothing better than having people you invited to church actually come.  Missionary Christmas.
We also had something really cool happen to us.  So we were trying to save on miles so we were walking.  Well we got out of an appointment late and started booking it to the next one and were running/speed walking past a park.  As we come up I see this chick just staring at us, kind of creeped me out.  But as we were about to go by, she yells out to us "are you Mormon sisters??"  That stops us in our tracks and we go talk with her (sorry other appointment).  Turns out, she has met missionaries before and has hit on some really hard times and wants God to be a part of her kid’s life.  How cool is that??  She asked us to say a prayer with her and then invited us back the next day.  Then she is actually there the next day too!!  Which rarely happens.  So we had a fantastic lesson and she called us today and told us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and loves it.  Can I say, miracle?  God really provides those people that are ready to hear the gospel and places them in our path.  Patiently persevere until you think you can go no further and then God provides a show of his love.  That's the things that I think I have really learned the most on my mission.  It DOES get better, God is always watching out for us.
Also, funny story.  Sis Sweany and I were out and about and this lady see's us and you can see her reading our name tag and then looking at us back and forth, and then back to our name tags, super confused.  Then she asks us if we are sisters, we reply yes, thinking she meant our title.  She looks even more confused and then asks us which one of us is adopted!!!  I nearly died.  Funniest thing of my life.  Poor lady was super confused.  But she got it in the end; we had to explain it to her.  
Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Sis. Rae
Yes, that is Jack Sparrow in the flesh

Our crazy district.

Yeah, we hiked that hill/mountain whatever behind us (Hnas Trujillo and Toli, and Me and Sweany)

At the temple with Annie and a couple members

Christina's baptism

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