Sunday, September 28, 2014

That Was Awkward

This week has been a really good week.  Crazy busy.  We had transfers which is always crazy, especially when you're companion is going home!  Sweany and one of the Hermanas, Trujillo were both going home so I and Hna Toli were together for a day.  Covering two areas, Spanish and English.  That was interesting.  Going from an English lesson, then to a Spanish lesson.  It was fun though!  And good for Hna Toli.  She is still pretty new (well, for learning a language) and it was her first time being the only person in the companionship that spoke Spanish.  I just sat there, smiled and said Bueno ha-ha  Fun as always though!  The Hispanic culture and people are just so amazing, I love being able to be around them.
And now I am companions with Sis Catlett!  It has been SO much fun!  We are already good friends and so we didn't have that awkward, 'I don't know you' phase that sometimes happens when you get companions.  We were able to just jump right into teaching and helping her learn the people and area.  That's always kind of stressful too because I am basically planning everything until she gets a hang of the people and area.  But she catches on fast so it's going to be an amazing transfer.  It feels like old times, being back in Spanish Springs because we were roommates there for forever.  Good times.  
We've had a lot of good things happen this week!  Been able to do a lot of walking and meeting a lot of new people.  Awkward story.  So we were walking doing this street, contacting potentials, and see these two guys pushing a stroller walking towards us.  Before we reach them, they turn down this street, the same street we need to turn on.  Then they turn down another street.  The same street we need to turn down again.  So we are creepily following these guys.  Too far away to call out to them but close enough they can clearly see we are following them.  Well, there is a malfunction with the stroller so they stop long enough for us to catch up with them and we start talking to them.  The one guy looks very familiar to me but I can't place him and they don't say anything that would hint that we had met them before.  We ask them if they know anyone that could use a message of Jesus Christ and one of the guys points to a house and tells us to ask for Jessica.  That she needed God because she did drugs.  Ok....So we go to the house.  This guy with very little teeth and no shirt opens the door and says 'are you here for Jessica??’  We are a bit taken aback but say yes.  He walks away and tells us to follow him.  Ok.....  So we walk in and he tells us to go down the hall to the left.  Creepy!!  No way am I just walking into her room!  So we hesitate and ask if she knows we are here or if she is expecting us, which there is no way she could because we just randomly stopped by!!  Well Jessica hears us talking and comes out of the dark and creepy hallway and is surprised to see these random chicks standing in her living room with her dad (?).  We tell her that a friend told us to stop by because she might want a message about Christ and she stands there and says 'I don't believe in God'.  And we couldn't remember the kid’s name that sent us so it was even more awkward.  Ha-ha By now, her dad is like who did I just let into my house and she is weirded out.  Just super awkward.  Well.  We finally stumble our way out of the house and start down the street to get to this address that we were trying to find in the first place.  We knock on the door and guess who answers it.  They guys that we basically just stalked down the street!!  Sometimes God has one amazing sense of humor.  They were kind of startled to see us but....they said we could come back!  That doesn't give the situation justice with awkwardness but we are still laughing about it.
That's my story of the week.  One of my district leaders used to say that we paid for 18/24 months of awkwardness so we might as well get our money’s worth!  So true.  People just expect us to be weird so we might as well capitalize on it. The rest was full of other (but less awkward) situations and lots of fun times. Always a good time on the mission!
The church is true!

Sis Rae

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