Tuesday, September 24, 2013


So this week we had some interesting experiences while tracting.  To begin with, we knock on this door and a guy in a bathrobe comes to the door.  He says he is about to head to bed and to make it fast.  So we say we are missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and he interrupts us! and starts talking about how he is a minister at a local non-denominational church.  One of the fundamental beliefs/practices of his church surrounds food and what we should eat and how we should eat it.  He then spends the next HOUR (standing on his front porch this whole time) telling us how food is God's love for us and that by cooking food we are denying God's love for us.  He believes that we should go back to how they ate in the Garden of Eden and that anything else is sinful.  Then he told us about the medical mafia and how the medical/drug community was planning on the take over of civilization by making us so sick that we would do anything they asked. Finally, we were able to cut in enough to tell him that we had to go and before we left, he started SINGING the Lord's Prayer and clearly expected us to join in.  I can barely SAY the Lord's Prayer, let alone SING it.  So we mumbled along for the most awkward minute of my life.  He did let us pray with him though so that was one plus!  Then...we went to dinner and they got pizza for us.  Opps ;)
K.  So a couple days later we were knocking on doors again and this lady opens up and invites us in to talk.  Turns out she was 7th Day Adventist and was more interested in converting us and telling us we didn't obey the 10 Commandments than actually listening to anything we had to say.  Anyway, she was the head of the nutrition group at her church and told us almost the EXACT SAME THING as the guy before.  She was less crazy though.  Didn't tell us we were going to hell for the things we ate.  She gave us like 5 booklets of natural healing and what was called The 10 Commandments for a Better Life, which actually has some cool stuff in it, but not something I would 100% rely on though.  Both people told us to look up the movie Fork over Knives.  So if you are bored and want to check it out, apparently it will change your life.  
We found a new family to teach from tracting though, so it was all worth it!  So overall it's been a good week.  Much of the same...going to see families, teaching people, had 4 people that haven't been to church in years come to church this week!, Sis Ward wiped dog slobber all over me... just another week in the mission field!
Hope you all have a fantastic week!
Sis Rae

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