Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Thing After Another

So!  This email might be a little short because right now I only have the use of one hand.  Last Monday (you know, those crazy P-days) we were playing volleyball with all the missionaries in the zone and about halfway through, I hit the ball weird and sprained my thumb and wrist.  So my hand got (and still is) super swollen so I get to learn how to be left handed!  Sis. Ward has also been feeling really sick so we spent a lot of this week at the doctor's office.  Fun fun.  We are the crippled companionship.  I don"t have an arm and she can no longer eat any gluten.  
Then we got a call from my two of my favorite people, Randy and Petra, who said they had decided that Christianity was not for them. They are so sweet though and deep thinkers so it is fun to talk with them.  Last time we were there they spent 10 minutes telling us about watching a bee get pollen from a flower and it was fun to listen to!; they just find joy in the smallest things. But they said we could come back by this week so we'll see how things go.  
We are mostly teaching people who haven't been to church in a while and this week we had 5 people who don't normally come to church and stay the whole time!  Several of them are families with little kids so it is fun to teach them.  This week we did family home evening with Susan and her two boys.  One of her boys collects Nerf guns and always wants us to play with them and him.  So this week we acted out Samuel the Lamanite with Nerf guns and then had a lesson off of that.  It was pretty fun.
Then we had the Relief Society broadcast and after it was done, they had all of us sister missionaries in the stake stand up front and they gave us a rose.  It was so cool though to be a part of the group that stood up; there are about 15 sisters in the stake.  I didn't realize there were that many!  Sister missionaries are the best! ;)
Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic week and the church is true!
Sis. Rae

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