Monday, October 21, 2013

Well, this week has been a crazy week.  Everyone has been sick so most of the people we regularly visit canceled on us.  BUT that freed up some time so we were able to try to see some former investigators that we have been trying to get a hold of for the longest time.  That was probably the highlight of my week.  
One lady in particular, her name is Sue and has a 6 year old son named Michael.  Her boy has some severe developmental and health problems which is why it has been so hard to get a hold of her (and the reason she stopped taking the lesson from the Elders about 2 years ago) because they are always at therapy or the hospital.  It was a fantastic lesson though.  She has some issues with Joseph Smith and if he really saw what he said he did, which is understandable, but told us that she was willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray 'extremely hard' to know if it was true.  Which is all we ask!  During the lesson, it was so cute, Michael would scoot around and just giggle at us and then start signing.  Sue could continue the conversation with us AND sign to Michael at the same time.  It was really cool to see.  Michael has surgery this week though so we don't get to see her this week for a lesson but please send your prayers that it will go OK and that we can meet with her again!  
There are so many people just seeking for the truth and that peace that they are missing from their lives.  I love being a missionary so that I can help people find that!  Best feeling in the world.
So.  Crazy story of the week.  We were standing on the porch talking to Kelly (the bird lady up on the Res) and it was really hot outside.  Hotter than it should have been in October.  Well I was super hot because the sun was hitting me right on the back and as we were talking my vision went dark and I completely fell over on her porch.  So embarrassing!  I was fine once I got inside and had a glass of ice water but Sis Ward hasn't let me forget it.  Also, Kelly told us that she is having a hard time coming to church because she has to get up and feed her birds in the morning and doesn't have enough time to do that and get ready.  So guess what I stupidly did.  Yup, volunteered to come help feed her 11 crazy birds before church.  But I survived!  Usually the birds are in their cages but we showed up Sunday morning and ALL of them were out and flying around.  Luckily we were just in charge of washing dishes and cutting up fruit.  Kelly put the bowls in the cages.  She came to church though, so it was all worth it!  AND she said she wanted to get her husband to come as well.  Cha ching.  That would make my life.
Any who.  That's about it for this week!  Hope ya'll have a fantastic week and enjoy the small stuff.
Sis. Rae
Nice and comfy!

A downtown statue

 I forgot my nametag so I wore Sis Wards extra one :)

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