Monday, January 6, 2014

2 More Days!!

Guess what, guess what, guess what!!!!  ....Christmas is in 2 days :)  
This week has been kind of slow; everyone is headed out of town for the holidays.  But before they leave they make sure to give us all of their extra treats!  They sure are good but between the two companionships in our apartment, we have enough sugary goodness to last us for the rest of the year!  It's pretty great.
I guess the biggest highlight of the week was Karen's baptism!  It was sooo good.  The spirit was amazingly strong and everyone in the room could feel it and commented on it afterwards.  All baptisms are good but some just have the more powerful feeling than others.  And this was one of those!  One of the best Christmas presents you could ask for.  When we were walking out, her husband (Earl) made the comment about it being his turn next!  So we are pretty excited about that :)
We also got the opportunity to go to the temple this week as well.  They have a beautiful manger scene in front that we all took pictures by (should be up on the mission blog) and then got to go and do a session.  That was another wonderful Christmas present since we only get to go every 3 months or so and only if we are in the area.  So that was pretty fantastic! 
Anywho.  Nothing much more exciting happened.  Life like always!  Which, when your a missionary, is the best ever!  
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!!
Sis Rae
Ginger bread house!

  Karen with her family (and us!)

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