Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This week was really long...and I don't remember most of it so I apologize in advance.  That means we were busy though so that is always a pretty fantastic thing!! 
We met several new people who expressed some interest so we'll see this new week if things pan out or not.  It's always exciting though when you met new people that will actually let you back!  Woo!  One of the guys is a big hunter (like everyone else in Nevada; but seriously, I have never heard so much talk of hunting, even in Missouri!) and has heads mounted everywhere in his house.  The best one is of a bear, the size of a big dog, that he has placed peaking around the corner right when you walk in.  I did a double take and jumped a little when I realized it was a bear!  Mini heart attack right there.  He has some really cool stories though and finds ways to relate everything in the gospel back to guns and hunting!
This week we also had some great lessons with the Hartze family.  We are going to the temple with them on Saturday just to walk around the grounds.  I am so excited.  The family that we have been having lessons with the Hartze's at their house is going to be out of town the weekend of their baptism so they asked if they would be willing to move it.  I really hope that it goes before they leave town and not after (because that's transfers!! dreaded things) and that the temple trip will help them receive that assurance to move it up.  Fingers crossed!  They really have been making leaps and bounds though; they come to lessons with questions written down from reading the Book of Mormon or anything they heard at church, it makes teaching them and talking with them very enjoyable!  Being a missionary is seriously the best.
We also had Stake Conference this weekend and, for the first time ever, we missionaries were invited to attend the Saturday night session with all the youth.  I don't know if it's a church wide thing but our Stake President said he got a letter from Pres. Packer instructing them to do a special Saturday Conference all about Missionary work!  It was amazing...not that I am biased in any way.  But very inspirational talks and President Hermansen spoke and several converts to the church, including a man that just got sealed to his family last week.  Make me want to just jump up and give a big hurrah! for missionary work!  haha  We have an amazing Stake that is very missionary minded and has seen some pretty incredible miracles this last year.  One-fifth of all the missionaries in the mission are in the Sparks Stake.  Crazy, huh?  Must mean it's the best stake in the best mission in the world ;)
Also, I have found my transfer motto.  Took me long enough.  But I thought I would share it because it's super good.  "Cheerfully do all you can and leave the rest to the Lord".  Really, that is all there is to it!  Pretty simple.  When we try our best, God comes in and makes up the rest.  That's the beauty of this gospel and the Atonement.  We are not asked to do anything that we can't do...with His help.  A positive, diligent attitude is the most important things to have and enables God to come and lift us when we fall short.  
Well.  I hope everyone has a fantastic week and stay tuned next week for more adventures from Nevada!
Sis Rae

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