Thursday, January 2, 2014


This week was such a fun week.  Have I said before that Christmas is the best holiday ever?  Well it is.  Especially as a missionary!  Everyone loves the missionaries and loves to give them food!   I have never eaten so much in my life.  Christmas Eve, we were being fed (and all of it sweets!) from noon until 9 when we went home.  Pretty sure if I had had even one more bite, Sis Ward would have had to roll me home.  We got cheesecake 4 times, turkey and ham twice, and tons upon tons of chocolate.  The evening was spent with families of the ward; playing games, reading the nativity story and (of course) eating.  Also, in the past 3 days, we have had a traditional American, Philipino, and German Christmas dinner.  So good!  Even stateside you get some good culture in there!
Christmas was amazing.  The definite highlight of the week was of course talking with the family and Elder Rae.  So good!  Best Christmas present right there.  After that though, we had a Christmas party that our mission President threw for us.  We played party games, got to watch a movie, had a delicious dinner, white elephant exchange (I got a puzzle!) and excellent company.  It was a good way to end the Christmas day!
Nothing super crazy work wise this week.  Everyone (and I mean everyone!) was either out of town or sick so we did a lot of knocking on doors.  That's always fun!  But everyone gets back in town this week so we'll have a party!  Transfers are coming up this week as well so fingers crossed I get to stay in Eagle Canyon!  With all the good things that are happening it would be a bummer to leave now.  Come what may and love it though, right?!
Well I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas and has a Happy New Year!!
Sis Rae
Sis. Ward and I and our Christmas tree.

The Res

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