Sunday, May 11, 2014

Say What???

This was a pretty fantastical amazing week.  We found two new families that are all set with a baptism date in June.  Boo yeah!  Kinda crazy how we found them too.  We are super low on our miles this month so we just drive to our area, park, and then walk everywhere (which was not fun this week because it was cold and rainy, but what can you do?).  So we were out walking and this 8 year old kid walks up to us and starts talking with us.  Wants to know everything, asking all sorts of questions about God and what we do and even if he can have a name tag and come to church with us.  Pretty amazing kid.  Then his dad comes out to see who his kid is talking to and we start talking with him.  Turns out, his daughter was baptized and went to church with a friend for a while and he investigated the church a little bit to see what she was getting into.  Well, he invites us back for later in the week (we couldn't go in because there wasn't another female in the house) and start walking away.  Well, the boy starts following us and asks if he can come teach people about Jesus with us!  He also points out a house and tells us to go visit them because they love God.  Ok!  Why not?  So we knock and we get the best reaction I have ever gotten my whole mission.  We introduce ourselves to the lady who answers and we hear a scream "MISSIONARIES!!!" something crash and someone run down the stairs.  A girl about our age appears and invites us in while offering us drinks, dinner, snacks and whatever else.  It was awesome!  Apparently she has a friend she is really close to on a mission and just loves the missionaries.  She said she hasn't been feeling at home in the church she goes to now and wants to explore different options.  Music to a missionaries ears.  So we started teaching them and they love it.  God is preparing so many people to hear about Him and it is always so exciting when we find them!  Makes any missionaries day.
Another fun thing that happened this week, we went on exchanges with Pyramid Lake sisters.  They live way out in the boonies so we both went out to their area.  I didn't realize just what they were talking about when they said was like a western film out there.  We timed it and the closest houses together were about 3/4 of a mile apart all on these tiny dirt roads.  And everyone has a ton of cows, dogs and guns.  We literately had a guy wave a gun at us and threaten to set his dogs on us...needless to say, we got out of there.  Most people were pretty nice though, let us feed their horses and we got a ton of fresh eggs.  I'll have some pictures for everyone next week.  We almost hit a cow crossing the road as well; I've been in the city so long it was really fun!  Felt more like home, hearing coyotes at night rather than sirens. 
Life is good!  I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful spring weather and loving all the flowers and green stuff coming out.  Have a fantastic week!
Sis. Rae
Yes, that IS a jackalope

Rain over Sparks

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