Sunday, May 11, 2014

Why did the Boy Throw the Clock out the Window?

Because he wanted to see time fly :) haha
That's how I always feel when I am back here at this computer.  Has it really been a week already?!  I honestly do not know where April went.  I think they must have skipped it on all the calendars and we went straight from March to May.  This week went even faster than most because we had meetings and two exchanges so we were running everywhere.  I guess a good prep for next week.  We are having Elder Teh (a Quorum of the Seventy) come visit our mission and talk with us.  I love meetings as a missionary though, they are always the best!  Extra awesome.  
Well.  This week was kind of slow.  We moved 3 of our investigators who are getting baptized this month basically across the street....but into the Elders area. Sometimes it stinks being in the same town as 52 other missionaries, they steal your investigators!  Good thing it's the same gospel wherever you go and they aren't too far away.  So now that we have all that 'free' time, we have been walking around a lot to meet more people.  We usually park the car once we get into our area and walk everywhere we have to go.  Especially since it is so nice outside now!  Man, I love it.  You meet lots of interesting people that way!  ...when you can get them to talk with you.  People see the name tags and they run.  Quite comical actually.  One guy pulled up in his car and reaches behind him to get a pizza box, sits up, notices us walking in his direction and freezes with his hand on the door handle with a deer in the headlight look.  Which is awkward for us because do we keep walking or do you stop and wait for him to get out and freak him out??  We decide to walk slower and wait for him to get out.  Well he keeps looking at his door and then at us and I'm not even kidding, throws the door open and bolts to his house!  With the pizza box!  One of the funniest things I have ever seen.  A big tall guy scared of two little girls walking down the road.  Then we had another guy, very nicely and concerned-like, tell us that we needed to change our ways and believe in Jesus Christ or we were not going to make it to heaven.  I don't get it when people say we don't believe in Jesus Christ.  Do you not see the name tag?!  Any who, he even prayed for us, bless his heart.  Most people are very nice though!  We were trying out different approaches to make it less awkward to randomly go up to people in their yard and one lady even complimented us on our tactics.  That's the word she used too. AND is letting us come back.  Yes!  And now that it is getting hotter, people are always offering us water bottles.  Hey, anything to get a conversation going!
So nothing crazy.  Lots of walking.  Lots of sun.  Lots of feeling the Spirit.  Lots of fun.  Missionary work in a nutshell.  Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to report, it's all turns into a blur.
But I hope everyone has a fantastic week and I am so excited to Skype home this weekend!  Happy Mother’s Day!!
Sis. Rae

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