Thursday, August 29, 2013

In a Fog

This week.  There have been lots of fires in the area and in California so the whole entire town is covered in what looks like a fog and it smells like a campfire 24/7.  I like the smell of campfire but it's better if you can roast some marshmallows as well!  We are supposed to get some rain storms in this week so hopefully those storms will blow out all the smoke and we can actually see where we are going!
hmmmm...stories from this week.  It has been pretty uneventful. 
The best part of the week was one day we had some interesting experiences tracting.  Probably the weirdest tracting day ever ( far.)  So we go up to this first house and knock and (of course) we hear the dogs barking and running up to the door but we don't hear anything else.  Then the door opens and all we see is these three huge dogs standing in the door barking at us.  No humans in sight.  We call out hello but there is no answer.  There is no one there.  To make it even weirder, they had a screen that makes it really hard to see anything so it looked like a three-headed dog.  Like Cerberus or

Fluffy.  Then on to the next house.  No one else is home on the street until we come to this one door.  We knock and don't heard anything so we start walking away.  We hit the edge of the porch and we hear a knock back...exactly mimicking our knock.  So we are kind of confused but walk back up to the door, wait a second, and then knock again.  Nothing.  So we walk away.  We get to that exact spot again and we hear another knock!  Of course we start laughing because this never happens!  We go up and yell hello and ring the doorbell but nothing again.  So we walk away and at the edge of the porch we hear the knock again!  We decided to just leave and as we are walking around the corner we hear the door open and then slam and then more knocking but couldn't see anyone.  It was pretty funny.  We try every door on the street and those two doors were the only ones that we got any kind of response from.  And guess what the street name was?  Bellatrix.  No joke.  It's a street of magic.  Crazy folk live on that street; I was half expecting a door to open up and have someone with a long hook nose and warts with a broomstick and a witches hat.
But that's about it for this week!  Hope ya'll have a great week and stay cool!
Sis. Rae

Outside the Reservation

Driving Home (sorry it's upside down)

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