Monday, August 5, 2013

So I have come to the conclusion that the harder a day/week is, the more miracles are going to happen.  It seems like the crazier the week is, the more people we meet who are accepting of us and our message.  Makes me (kind of) look forward to those hard times because I know that if we push through it, then God has something great in store for us!
Well.  My week started off on a good note with almost being eaten by killer birds.  There is this lady that we teach, Kelly, that lives up on the Indian Reservation and has ELEVEN rescue parrots.  They are all birds that have been abused and are considered so abused that they can't be saved, so Kelly and her husband takes them in.  Since there are 11 of them, when they molt, dander gets everywhere and gets into her lungs and makes her really sick.  So she asked us if we could come and help her clean the house and the cages.  Of course we can't say no even though I am terrified enough of these birds when they are IN their cages.  Monday, we go over to clean and I get the lucky job of vacuuming and sweeping out the bird room while Sis. Ward gets to go beat/dust the blinds out in the yard.  There were several birds out of their cages and I had to go in there with a super loud vacuum and clean around their cages.  Every time I passed a couple of the cages, the birds would cuss at me (shows what sweet birds they are) and fly at the cage bars.  One bird in particular, a huge white Macaw, stared me down with its feathers all ruffled the whole time I was in there, and this one was NOT in it's cage.  I thought it was going to eat me.  Then!  She asked if I wanted to hold it!!  After she had just shown us all the scars that these birds had given her.  Thanks, but no thanks.  As we went to leave, she said she wanted to give us something in return for helping her.  We were expecting like some pop or water or something but she comes out with what looks like a wand and puts a spell on us for protection and safety.  Apparently, she is wicken/pagan/Mormon.  Don't know how that works but she really is a sweet lady and was concerned enough for us to offer us protection haha  They are always interesting visits up there!
The rest of the week was spent contacting people in the ward that don't usually go on Sunday or we have never met and tracting.  When we went tracting, on one street we literally didn't get past 'Hi! How are..." before they said they weren't interested and shut the door.  We also got TWO door slams out of one house on that street, I think that has to be a record.  However, the very last house on the street, we were walking up and they were coming out.  They saw us, got really excited and told us to come in and that they were just finishing up some cookies.  Apparently they have met with missionaries before and just happened to have a Book of Mormon sitting on their shelf.  They had never read it but asked us to pick our two favorite chapters out of it and they would read it for our next visit.  How cool is that?!  Even better, they gave us some of the most delicious cookies I have ever tasted to take home with us.  So those are the highlights of my week, it's been a fun week.  Can't wait to see what the next one has in store for us!
Love you all!
Sis. Rae

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