Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh, the Life of a Missionary

The weeks fly by and the days fly by even faster!  I feel like I was just sitting here typing my letter for last week.  I guess that just means I'm havin' fun!  This week was pretty great.  We had a lot of good lessons and people were actually home, which is always nice!  It was also a very eventful week filled with strange happenings.
I'll start with the best one.  So we had just gotten home for the night and we get this phone call from a number in Oregon.  I answer it and this guy tells us that he just moved here and found our card with our website and number on it on the ground.  He wanted Jesus in his life and wanted to make some changes with where he was, so he gave us a call.  Well.  It didn't take long before I realized that he was very much drunk.  So we talked about God for a little and how He can help us overcome those things in our life that we are struggling with and then mid-sentence he asks if I like hot dogs.  It told him yeah and he says "you sound pretty, do you want to come over for some hot dogs?!".  Super funny!!  And then he asked me what my name was and I say "Sister Rae" and he gets really confused and talks about how he is the only child and doesn't have any sisters so how could I be his sister?  We had some interesting conversation, but it always came back to God and how he wanted to make some changes in his life.  We haven't been able to get a hold of him again but hopefully it planted some seeds and he'll find whatever he was looking for!  Gave me a pretty good laugh too.  Drunk people are definitely interesting! 
Also, I am pretty sure I am allergic to birds.  Or something.  A couple weeks ago we were at this house where there were a lot of birds and the house was closed up because it was chilly.  Well, halfway through our conversation, I completely passed out.  Dead and gone.  Well, I was fine once we got outside and in the fresh air and I didn't really think anything else about it.  Well, this week, we were contacting some people and were let into a house that...wasn't very clean....and had lots of birds again.  We were talking and my vision started going all funky but luckily I was able to get outside before I full on blacked out.  Pretty sure they thought I was going crazy;  scared Sis. Irwin to death.  So I am not sure how we are going to handle those situations because they are both interested in learning more.  We might just have to bring blankets and sit on the front porch!  Or someone else house.  Oh, the fun experiences you have on a mission.
The last thing that was pretty cool about this week was that we got to go with some of our investigators to the BYU dance show The Living Legends.  It was a dance performance about Native and Latin American and Polynesian culture, basically outlining the Book of Mormon but instead of saying "God" said the "Great Spirit".  It was kind of a story about how their father in a dream was told to come to this promise land and as they followed the Great Spirits guidance they prospered but then they started thinking that their prosperity was from themselves and they fell into war and then they were humbled and relied on the Great Spirit once again.  Each culture "told" a bit of the story through dance and song.  It was so amazing.  Beautiful dances, costumes, song and a good message.  At the end they sang I am a Child of God and related it back to the stories of our Ancestors and ultimately how we are Children of God and that is our heritage.  It was so amazing.  
So those are my stories for this week, next week will be more spiritual ;)  The church is true.  God is good.  Mission life is the best.  
Sister Rae
This was a LEGIT sword that an investigator showed us.  And Amanda and Madison wanted to get on the picture too :)

The Elders left us a present on our door step.  Random lamp lifted up to reveal BEANS.  Touche, touche.

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  1. Sarah, I have a W2 for you from Mayday Games, please if anyone is reading this from Sarah's family email me to and let me know where to email it or direct mail it!

    Your mission blog is really great, please keep it coming, I love reading your adventures!