Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This week was kind of a slow week, most of our apartment had the flu or a cold so we were pretty out of it.  I didn't get it really bad, just a cough (which was nice) but some of the other sisters have done nothing but sleep this week.  Makes it a little hard to go out when your companion is sick!  But we are all on the tail end of it so that's pretty nice.  Ready to hit the pavement since this upcoming week is the last week of the transfer!  I don't think anything will change but you never know, there are surprises around every corner!
So I really don't have a lot to talk about because we spent a lot of time inside recovering but we did have some good lessons and contacts with people.  We did a couple church tours which I think are really fun!  We take people around the building and talk about Christ's life through the pictures on the walls and then we explain kind of what happens as part of the Sunday meetings and what the rooms are for.  It's really fun and the Spirit is always very strong when you are in there.  AND it makes people more comfortable to come to church and see what are meetings are like, which is always a good thing as well!  One of the girls we showed around didn't even know who Christ was so that was an amazing experience getting to share that with her.  It's weird to me that people don't know who He is because He is such a large part of my life!  But it made it even more exciting to share with her.
Sunday was also really fun.  In Primary, the kids made Valentines and then got the option to hand them out to their family or whomever.  Several kids made some just for us!!  It was so cute and made me quite happy :)  This ward it pretty much the best.  Just sayin'.  
Sorry, this isn't longer, I really can't think much more of anything to say.  Next week should be a fun one though!  Lots of exciting things coming up this week but....spoilers.  Oh, and next Monday is a holiday so we will be writing on Tuesday!  TTFN and have a FANTASTIC week!
Sis Rae

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