Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Week, Another E-mail

Sorry, I am just not creative with these things.  Life is very much the same, we wake up now, thanks to Daylight Savings, to a dark outside, work out, study, make lunch, eat lunch, then hit the pavement until 9, come home, plan and then crash into bed.  Pretty exciting, huh?  
Well, that's it!  Nothing more to tell, hope everyone has a great week!!
Just kidding.  Pretty sure Mom would kill me if that was all.  In other news!  I had my first "bible bash" experience this week.  This guy we met while visiting some people in the nursing home invited us to come talk to him when he was off work.  He seemed pretty knowledgeable about the church and grew up with some friends that were Mormon.  So we were pretty excited!  Turns out though, he just wanted to rip us apart and prove to us that there was no God.  He knew the Bible AND the Book of Mormon forward and backward and just kept throwing scripture/philosophy at us.  I tried that for a while (poor Sis Irwin had no idea what was going on or how to respond) and then realized that the Spirit was NOT there and I was just getting more and more frustrated.  I had to take a step back, deep breath and then just started bearing testimony of how I know there is a God and that He loves us.  It didn't phase him one bit; it's the first time that I have really had someone attack my testimony.  Needless to say, we didn't stay there too long  But it really made me reflect and maybe even question what I believe to be true and how I knew it.  I thought about it for a while but came to the same conclusion.  I KNOW that there is a God and that He loves us and that Christ came down and is the Savior of the world.  I know because I have studied and prayed to know if it is true and the answer is undeniable.  God doesn't want to keep us in darkness, He WANTS us to learn about Him because that is the way that we find true happiness in this life.  It was a great testimony strengthener for me to really solidify to myself that I have a testimony about the truthfulness of the gospel.  Introspection does a lot for a person!  
So that's my crazy story for the week!  The rest of the week was spirit filled, with amazing people, those everyday miracles and just plain awesome-sauce.  And no bed bugs.  It was great!
Sorry this is kind of short, running out of time!  But don't worry, I will write again next week ;)  I hope everyone has an amazing week and the church is true!

Sis Rae

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