Saturday, March 22, 2014

Runnin' Round like a Chicken

Well, this week was kind of stressful!  Very good, but stressful.  Why was it stressful do you ask?  We had something big going on almost every single day including Zone Conference, a Mini-Mission and my first ever talk on the mission (in TWO meetings). 
Zone Conference was super good this transfer.  Zone Conference is when all the missionaries in the area get together and get training from President and others of our leaders and lasts all day long.  It happens only every other transfer so it's something we always look forward too.  This one was really good though, our focus for the past two transfers have been Christ-like attributes.  Not only what we are doing, but who we are becoming.  So we talked a lot about Christ and how we personally can become more like Him.  It's always good to have that reminded of who we are and who we represent.  We aren't out here just to baptize people or get them to church, we are here to invite others to come unto Christ.  Those others is everyone we meet, member or not, and includes ourselves as well.  Chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel talks more about them and it has become a focus in my personal study each day.  If you have some down time (and even if you don't ;)), you should check it out and read through it.  It's pretty amazing.  And if you don't have a PMG, you can find it on, it's a pretty legit book.  But even though Zone Conference is so good, it wears you out.  It's a long time and a lot to take in!
And no time to recover.  The next morning we had to wake up even earlier than usual to to go take part in the mini-mission that the stake was putting on.  All the youth ages 16 and up went out with us on splits.  Can I just say, it was SO weird not being with my companion all day?  Once, the girl I was with didn't let me know she was using the restroom and just disappeared.  I had a mini-panic attack before I realized where she had gone.  Oh, the things that happen to you once you become a missionary.  Anyway.  It was great fun though.  Sis Irwin and I split up and each took a girl with us so we were able to get twice the work done in our area.  It was a bugger planning for two plans plus backups x, y and z but we had a super busy day!  I of course, took her to see all the crazy people we have in our area, it was lots of fun.  I am used to their eccentrics by now but she was definitely taken back by many people we went to visit!  haha  I love people.  One lady told us about alien abductions and government conspiracies.  We got into lots of houses that we have never been able to get into before so that was a miracle in and of itself but made for a long, long day.  I was pooped.  More than usual.  I told President he should start allowing siestas, but he didn't really like that idea too much.  Unfortunately. 
I also had the GREAT opportunity to speak in church this Sunday, not once but twice.  We also go to the nursing home every Sunday for the service they hold there in addition to regular church.  And they happened to ask me to speak the same Sunday that I did in regular church.  On a different topic.  So I gave a talk on prayer and a talk on the miracles that happen in missionary work.  Both twenty minutes.  It was great.  Learned a lot though!  It was really sad though, it felt like I was giving a farewell again, pretty sure it was God giving me a heads-up with what will happen in two weeks.  We can always hope not!  Also, the bishopric gave me a hard time because apparently I was shaking bad enough that they could see it (at least my voice wasn't shaky!) but they all told me that they didn't have me pinned as someone who got nervous about speaking in front of people.  Man, I had them fooled! Haha.  Nice end to the week and at least I don't have to worry about it again for another several weeks!  Another plus though, is that it got people to church!!  It was so exciting and made me so happy to see some people that we have been trying to get to church forever walk into the building.  Maybe we should made Sis Irwin give a talk soon ;)
It was a very spirit-filled week though, which was much needed.  Sometimes you just need a little bit of a jump to life!  Missions are not a cake-walk but I have seen my relationship with my Savior grow so much, it's been one of the greatest experiences ever.  And I just wanted to sign off today with a quote I found this week by Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley:  "Do you want to be happy?  Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause.  Lend your efforts to helping people...stand higher, lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hang down.  Live the gospel of Jesus Christ." 
And with that thought, I hope you all have an amazing, happy week and go find someone to serve! :)

Sis Rae

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