Monday, March 31, 2014


Well this letter is coming to you dictated by Sis Rae, artistically typed by Sis Arnold (excuse and misspelled words).  So, I may have broken my finger playing football this past week.  I'm never going to have a functioning hand :(  But other than that this week has been great!  
It was transfers this week.  And surprise, surprise they are kicking me out of Eagle Canyon finally AND...Sending me BACK to Sparks 2nd ward as a Sister Training Leader :0  It was something I definitely was not expecting!  It's going to be weird being so close still to Eagle Canyon and even going back for exchanges; and then being in my old ward again, but it being different.  My new companion is Sis. Whipple AND I AM SO STOKED ABOUT THAT!!!  She is a fantastic missionary and we get along well.  We're gonna rock this ward!!!  Yesterday at church though, was the worst day of my life!  Almost harder than leaving home.  There's just a difference when you've been serving the people 24/7 for 9 months being in their homes, talking with them, feeling the spirit together, and talking about the gospel.  But maybe it's a good thing it's so hard to leave because it means that I did my job.  NO REGRETS!  I've met so many wonderful people that have really changed my life and made me grow so much.  But new adventures await!!
I don't know what I did this week...that last little bit of news just kinda took over.  But it was good.  The area is flourishing which makes me a little more comfortable leaving it.  We did go to see women's conference.  It was sooooo good and a great way to end a week.  I loved the music especially! I've decided that that's how I feel the spirit most and how I receive answers to my prayers.  Great speakers though and a good reminder of the importance of families and what we have as an eternal family. (Made me so stinken baby HUNGERY!!!! and Sis Arnold too.)  What else happened this week...Sis Arnold threw a book at Sis Irwin and made her bleed on "accident"...don't worry she repented.
Sorry no more stories this week.  I really can't remember them...but everyone enjoy conference this weekend!  And we'll talk to ya next week (without Sis Arnold - she's getting banished to ELKO :( but really it's good.)
Sis. Rae  

Obviously Sis. Irwin thought I smelt a little funny…


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