Thursday, November 27, 2014

Faith, Goals, Miracles

This week was a wonderful week.  We had our Zone Conference which is always amazing.  President did a training on making miracles happen.  He talked about a runner who broke the 4 minute mile.  Everyone thought it was physically impossible to do that so no one had ever broken it.  But once he made it a goal and worked for it and broke it, people who once thought it was impossible realized that it could happen and runners all over the place started breaking a four minute mile.  He related it to the fact that we sometimes hold ourselves back from reaching our potential or reaching the goals that we could obtain in our lives just because we don't have the faith to realize anything is possible.  Especially when you are engaged in the Lord's work.  Nothing is impossible.  We just have to have the faith to make it happen.  It was really, really good.  If nothing else, the mission has really taught me that when you have faith, set goals, work your hardest, then miracles WILL happen.  Not only in just missionary work but all aspect of our lives.  So that was the great part of Zone Conference.  The bad part of Zone Conference was that I had to bear my final testimony.  That was heartbreaking.  Then we had our final interviews with President.  Since there is over thirty of us going home, he has been just doing them as he has traveled over the mission for the conferences.  That was depressing.
But the rest of the week was good!  We found two new families that have been searching for a church and want God to be a greater part in their lives.  Whelp, we can help with that!  They are super open and hungry for knowledge; it is so much fun teaching them!  Then one of the families surprised us by all came to church this week.  When we invited them they said "we'll try" which really means, 'nope!' so when they walked in it was a fabulous surprise. I didn't hear much of the talks because I was trying to keep the kids quiet so the parents could listen (it's always hard for kids their first Sunday, they aren't used to sitting still for that long) but it was great to have them there.  Speaking of Sunday, it was one of the craziest Sundays of my life.  Not only were we running around trying to get people where they were supposed to go, but Sisters Catlett and Grandy had to speak, then I had to teach Gospel Principles, then I had to play the piano so the Young Women could practice their song for the Christmas program, then we were asked to come in and talk to the Primary.   It was crazy!  I know Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest but it is the most UN-restful time ever.  Keeps us out of trouble though I guess.
Anything else that happened this week...??  Oh!  I, for the first time ever, proselyted somewhere other than Sparks Nevada.  So the Reno STLs are in a situation like we are, two of them are going home so they are in a trio as well.  Well, two of them were going to the Zone Conferences doing a training and the third one stayed in the area working so we were asked to rotate days going on exchanges with them so she wouldn't be by herself.  So I got to go with them for a day!  It was super weird.  Reno isn't that much different than Sparks but I've been in Sparks so long that even when I go on exchanges in other wards I am getting familiar with the people they visit and the streets and the members.  So it was an adventure.
Well, that's it for this week and I hope that everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving!  Eat lots of food and don't forget to say thank you!

Sis Rae

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