Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Weather Outside is Frightful

I feel like I have the same stories every week.  Hmmm....sorry these aren't more interesting!  Some weeks are just....story-less.  Let's see if I can come up with something....
It's been freezing cold!  I hate winter time as a missionary.  It's ok if you can stay inside and drink hot chocolate and wear sweatpants.  But it's no bueno when you have to be outside and nobody is home and you are in a skirt.  BUT!  It's cold, so we are justified in singing Christmas songs.  So we are cold, but happy :)  We went to see this one lady this week and when we walk into her house it's like entering a winter-wonderland.  Gorgeous tree and lights and decorations with Christmas songs and hot chocolate waiting for us.  She instantly became my favorite person in the world.
In other news...we were out contacting people and knocked on one door.  We could hear the lady come to the door and then asked who it was.  We said sister missionaries.  She ran away from the door and you could hear her say to someone the cops, or get my gun.  We weren't sure which.  Either way!  We didn't stick around to find out.  I don't think she was very interested. 
We also got some cute voicemails from a 4 year old in a family that we teach.  We promised her marshmallows if she was good, so she called us (the kids get smarter and smarter these days!) and reminded us almost every day.  It went something like this "Missionaries.  Please bring me my marshmallows.  Thankyouloveyoubye” Better than some voicemails we get :)
Man, I am really struggling to think of what happened this week.  It really wasn't that eventful.  Good lessons, good spirit, good miracles.  Life is good!  
Hope everyone has a fabulous week and keeps warm!
Sis Rae

Good ol Nevada

This lady had over 30 dogs in her house....this is only one of them :)

I was standing by the cage that was open and they just hopped up there!
Something to make you laugh

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