Monday, November 10, 2014

This week was NUTS!

So this week was crazy.  I am so glad it's over.  Even though these next two weeks are going to be even crazier....gosh no time to even breathe.  So here's a play by play:
Monday:  Another sister ended up going to the hospital (she is ok now) so her companion stayed with us for the day.  So there were four of us.  I felt like a gang.  
Tuesday:  We had zone training where we had to prepare and present not one, but TWO trainings.  We did one by ourselves and then one with the zone leaders talking about faith and miracles.  It was a fun topic and a good training, just kind of crazy!  We also have the largest zone in the mission (over 50 missionaries) and so that is a lot of people to talk to.  AND THEN!  President and the APs show up.  Eh, no pressure.
Wednesday:  Exchanges.  Those are always fun.  We got yelled at by a ghetto black lady.
Thursday: Sis Hermansen calls us and wants to come out with us.  Mission Presidents wife hanging out with us for the  So she went with Sis Catlett and Sis Grandy and I went together.  Then we went straight into another exchange.  The bags never get unpacked!
Friday:  Finished up exchanges and did weekly planning.  On a cool note, a Costa Vida just opened up in town and they were doing a special where EVERYTHING was free from 11-1.  Missionaries, we have a skill of finding and obtaining free food.  It was glorious.  Super fun too as all the missionaries ended up showing up at one time or another.  It's always fun when we can get together, even if it's just for an hour.  That's what I love about Sparks.  It's party central!
Saturday:  FINALLY a normal day.  And we ended up getting dropped by three of our most promising investigators.  Apparently they weren't that promising.  But that's ok!  Those seeds were planted and we found a family that day too, that is interested in learning more.  God always tries you before He sends in the blessings!  We just have to show him that we are ready to fight for what we want. 

Sunday:  We got to teach Relief Society.  Hmm...the topic is missionary work....who should we have teach it.....   It was good though, I actually kind of enjoy teaching classes now.  Before I would have said no way, but it really isn't that bad.  You learn a lot; that is for sure!
But that was my crazy week this week.  The next couple are going to be crazy as well.  Extra people staying with us, more exchanges, meetings, lessons....the fun never ends!  The joys of mission life :)  But really, it is a joy.  Best time of your life!  
Hope ya'll have a fabulous week as well!

Sis Rae

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