Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Beginning of the End

Well, that is depressing.  Today I started my last transfer.  Horrible!  But the good news is, Sis Catlett and I are staying together!!  We will be getting another sister, Sis. Grandy.  I don't know her at all but heard good things so it should be good!  It's super funny; I am ended my mission exactly how I started it.  Sparks 2nd ward in a trio.  How many people can say that happens to them??  Pretty awesome.  So I am going to have two areas my whole mission and will have never left the stake of Sparks.  Best place on earth!  Side note, did you know that Reno is so close to hell you can see Sparks?  Ha!  Some old man told us that this week.  
Well!  This week has been a good week, we broke 30 lessons which is the highest I've ever gotten, but most of it is a blur.  It goes by so fast!  We helped a couple people move and that was fun.  Any chance we get to get into p-day clothes!  Then we got into a prank war with the elders that live below us.  It ended with them giving us pancakes so I think it was pretty successful.  Sorry, this is kind of scattered.  I have been fighting a cold for the past forever.  I think Catlett and I just keep giving it back to each other.  She gets better then I get sick, then I get better and she gets sick.  It's crazy.  Someone’s trying to stop us from sprinting through the finish.  Too bad it's not working!!! 
We had a couple fun experiences this week.  This guy refused to give me a hand shake because we were Mormon, never had that one before.  Then we had a guy that wouldn't let us pray because our heads were not covered and we were women, then he tried to point it out in the Bible but couldn't find it and wouldn't let us leave until he did!  So I told him where it was so he would let us leave (thank you, personal studies!  I had just read it that morning ;)).  Then we had a guy that told us that having a family forever was the most ridiculous thing ever and that Joseph Smith taught against Christ because he taught that families could be together forever.  I don't know why you wouldn't want to believe that but ok.  It was actually pretty funny!  People are so amusing.  
Funny story!  So we were out walking and this huge wind storm came out of nowhere and totally blew me over.  Like I fell down.  Catlett got blown into some guy’s car.  I didn't think that ever happened in real life but it did!  Also, skirts were a struggle that day.  Thank goodness for biking shorts! 
Well, that's all I got this week.  Peace out and have a great week!
Sis Rae
The Temple

How we should all feel about life ;) and cake

Random Santa frog.  His name is Ephraim

Epic corn maze we did last p-day

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